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Spacefaring Vegetables

If you are in Madison, Simon will be giving a presentation at the UW Space Place Dec 10 at 7pm. “Spacefaring Vegetables: Why Does NASA Launch so Much Lettuce?”

Plants and microbes keep us alive on Earth; they feed us and they purify our air and water. Could they do the same for a long duration spaceflight or a colony on Mars? But how does a lack of gravity in space affect plants, microbes and humans? Prof. Gilroy will try answer what happens to biology when it is in spaceflight and whether down always needs to be down and 1x gravity is always good.

I’m told that it will be recorded by Wisconsin Public Television and posted online. I’ll let you know when the link to the video becomes available.


The Space Place is located at 2300 S. Park Street in the Villager Mall, just north of the Beltline Highway.

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