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ASGSR Webcasts

The annual meeting of the American Society of Gravitational and Space Research (ASGSR) is coming up next month, November 4th through 8th. This year, the meeting will be held in Orlando, Florida. A vast number of scientists involved in NASA-funded research (space station experiments in addition to ground-based projects) will present their most current results at this meeting.

The three of us from the Gilroy Lab involved in the BRIC-17 experiment will be attending the ASGSR meeting. In particular, Simon will be organizing a special session: “Introduction to Physical and Life Science Microgravity Research.” Because the society recently expanded to include scientists interested in both biology and physics, there was a need to present the key problems and questions of both areas in a compact way understandable by both groups of researchers. Simon will be teaming up with physicist Mike Banish from the University of Alabama at Huntsville to give the talk at this special session.

This session may also be of interest to many folks following this blog who are not attending the meeting because it will be a more general overview of microgravity research. Luckily, this session will be part of the ASGSR meeting webcast, so you too could “attend” the talk which is scheduled for 8am eastern time on Thursday November 7th.

For information about how to access the webcast, you should check the ASGSR website.

American Society for Space and Gravitational Research

American Society for Gravitational and Space Research

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